Fields of expertise

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Food Supplements & Micronutrition

In 1988, the Laboratoire CCD launched the 1st food supplement for pregnant women in France under the name Oligobs Grossesse. 

Inspired by trends across the Atlantic, it was the first Laboratoire in France to use Cranberry as food supplement under the Gyndelta brand.

Today, Laboratoire CCD offers a wide range of food supplements to support women at every stage of their life.



Food supplement for pregnant women


Cranberry food supplement


Food supplement for breastfeeding

Medical Devices

Based on its proximity to practitioners, gynaecologists and biologists, the Laboratoire CCD designs, manufactures and markets medical-surgical equipment throughout the world in order to support them in their daily practice

Present in more than 80% of IVF centers in France, the Laboratoire CCD is a mojar player in France in the field of gynaecology and Medically Assisted Reproduction. 

Oocyte puncture needles and sets, artificial insemination probes, embryo transfer catheters are manufactured in France in our factories.

A on-limiting expertise that extends to the field of anaesthesia-intensive care and vascular.


Millions of units manufactured


Every 5 minutes a CCD Medical Device CCD is used around the world 


Expert for over 40 years


More than 200 references

Copper Intrauterine Device

A key pioneer in the field of contraception, the Laboratoire CCD is now the leader in France in the field of non-hormonal contraception through its range of copper IUDs UT, NT, Gynelle and Etherena.

At the core of innovation, in 2019 it launched Ballerine, the first spherical shape memory IUD on the French market.



Leader in France for copper IUDs

Manufacture of Essential Medicines in dry form

Located in Vernouillet in the Eure-et-Loire region, the Laboratoire Bailly-Creat specializes in the design, formulation and manufacture of medecines and food supplements in dry form.

As a CMO (Contract Manufacturer Organization) provider for dry forms, Laboratoire Bailly-Creat offers a galenic development and processing service for dry forms with the provison of premises compliant with BPF/CMP standards.


Millions of unites produced per year


Millions of euros in annual turnover


Products registered for export

Niche cosmetics

The Laboratoire CCD develops expert brands in cosmetics. An alliance between tradition and innovation, it relies on ancestral recipes and adapts its formulas to meet the new needs of consumers.


Leader in Bio-Liniment in pharmacy


Hair removal cream in pharmacy